How Not To Furnish Your Home

few things to avoid when you are furnishing your house


How Not To Furnish Your Home

When you are about to furnish your home, you can get not just confused with a wide variety of choices but can get carried away with the buying too. By the time you realize you have bought just too many pieces of furniture or the wrong ones, it may be a little too late.

Here are a few things to avoid when you are furnishing your house:

No Budget

You may have saved all your life to build and furnish a house for you and your family. This does not mean all the money remaining after building that house has to go into furnishing it. Having a budget is essential in every step.

Setting a budget will help you identify the right type of furniture to suit your budget and will also ensure you plan for all parts of the house and don't end up spending too much just in one part of the house.

Start by setting a budget for furnishing the entire house or where ever you plan to furnish. Another way to approach this is to see how much you can spend on furnishing and start with the amount available.

Next, you will have to do a good research and find out competitive prices to get the best value for your money. Even if the budget is not really a constraint, you don't want to be taken for a ride. Spend some time and compare quality and prices between stores.

Getting The Set

When you walk into a furniture store or peruse through magazines, you will see sets. The living room will have a set of furniture, the bedroom, kids' room, etc will have matching furniture throughout. Though it may look nice and tempting, do not buy the whole set without much thought.

Your house needs to look different, not like a store. Your living room cannot be the advertisement piece for a particular company. Spend time, look through options and pick and choose the furniture you like.

You can also buy furniture matching the ones you already have. One can always pick different pieces from different stores to give the room a personal touch. This way, your room will be well designed, elaborately planned and unique.

Buy It All

Time can be a constraint for many. You may be moving into a new home and want to finish all your furniture shopping by the weekend as you need to get back to work on Monday. However, buying all your furniture at once is not a wise decision, as may not be able to make the right decision. You need time to think about all that you have seen and decide which style would suit your home better.

Also, you will not have any flexibility in furnishing your house. Furnishing a house is not a onetime thing as you are going to live there regularly and are bound to see different types of furniture when you go to other places. You may like a new piece of furniture or an idea and where will you implement it if there is no space?

Give yourself some time to furnish the house. Pick furniture over a period of time. This is your home after all and there is nothing wrong with spending some quality time getting it ready. Sometimes one can find interesting pieces when they travel. This can serve as both a souvenir as well as a unique piece in that room. This can be a good conversation piece when you have guests over the next time.

Wrong Rugs

Having rugs all around the house can make the place look classy and interesting. It can make it cozy and warm during winter too. However, one should not jump at the first rug you see. Rugs need to be of the right size. Going for a rug that covers the entire floor may serve the purpose in winter but it will look like a carpet and not a rug.

Rugs cannot be too small either, else they will look some mat to clean your feet on. Decide on your rugs when you design the layout for the room is furnished. This will let you know how much space is available to play with while buying furniture.

If you are going to add a rug to an already furnished room, then take precise measurements of the floor space available, consider the style and theme of the room and decide on the rug.

More About Me

I am an interior designer specializing in furniture. Everyone can walk into a furniture store or browse online and pick out the right comfortable chair, but if you want your furniture to fit in seamlessly in the theme and size of the room, a little designing is required.

With an eye for details and taste for unique pieces of furniture, I have been able to help many people change a house into a home suiting the taste of each person in that house.

Over the years, I have traveled quite a bit and have paid special attention to the furnishings in each of these places. Every place has a style and a story to its furniture choices. When you come to me, I can inculcate these stories and choices seamlessly into your living room or bedroom.

What my company and I believe is that there is no right way or wrong way to furnish a home. it is each person's personal choice and a combination of various people's choices in one home. hence you can have an entire room in one theme or have a variety of styles in one room. No matter what you like, we can execute it perfectly and in a professional manner.

Wondering why you need me when you can choose and buy your own furniture? I can help in bringing all your choices into one seamless setting and create a flow for the entire house. I take into account the taste and preferences of all the key members in the house and choose furniture accordingly. even if your toddler has a specific choice, I can help you in finding something that can suit both the child and your taste so that the child does not feel left out or unsatisfied.

Over the years I have built contacts and know where to get what at what price. If you are worried about being taken for a ride in terms of pricing by the stores, I can be of great help.